Champions Fitness Club is Central Maine’s premier tennis facility, offering a variety of programs for all levels of play and age groups. Whether you take tennis lessons with one of our certified pros, join a tennis league, or take part in other tennis programs we offer, you are sure to improve your game and have fun doing so!

NEW: Tennis Contract Court Time:  Guaranteed Court Time – With Tennis Contract Court Time, a court is reserved for you and your group on fixed day(s) and time(s) for one full year.

Tennis Contract Court Time Rates: 

$150 per court – 1 Hour       $225 per court – 1 1/2 Hours        $275 per court – 2 Hours

SPECIAL: Weekdays from 12:00pm – 3:00pm   25% off Tennis Usage Fee’s  (Excludes Team Rentals, Scrambles, Clinics & Lessons)

*Cancellations must be made 24 hours prior to court time to avoid payment. Please call (207)873-0571.

Take TENNIS LESSONS with one of our certified pros Jason Tardif or Tom Suttie to improve your skills, strategy and the mental toughness needed for match situations.

Lesson Rates Member     Non-  Member
1 hr Private $43   $50
1 hr Semi-Private $26 each   $32 each
1/2 hr Private  $25  $28
1 hr Group of 3  $20 each   $25 each
1 hr Group of 4 $15 each $20 each
1 1/2 hr Drill $17 each $20 each

Champions Fitness Club Tennis Programs


USTA Level 3.0 Drill 9:00-10:30am ($17 member/$20 non-member) Drop-in   


Men’s Scrambles  Level 4.0-4.5  6:00-8:00pm ($15 member/$20 non-member) Free for VIP’s and must sign up ahead of time. Call Jeff Fowler @ 207-649-4852

High School Co-Ed Scrambles Intermediate/Advanced 4:30-6:00pm ($15 member/non-member) Drop in

High School Co-Ed Scrambles Beginner/Intermediate 3:00-4:30pm ($15 member/non-member) Drop in


USTA Level 3.0 Drill  9:00-10:30am ($17 member/$20 non-member) Drop in


USTA Level 3.5 – 4.0 Drill  10:30-12:00pm  ($17 member/$20 non-member) Preregistration is required


High School Co-Ed Scrambles ($15 member or non-member)  Drop in                                                               


10 and under Tennis  ($15 member/$20 non-member) New session starts the beginning of each month. Red Ball  3:30-4:30pm and Orange Ball  4:30-5:30pm

Private lessons are available year round.  Call us at (207)873-0571 to inquire

USTA TEAM PLAY Looking to get on a team that offers a more competitive atmosphere with the chance to move on to districts, sectionals and even Nationals? …then this is the program for you! USTA is offered for adults, seniors, and even juniors.

Our Certified Tennis Pros

JASON TARDIF comes to us from Jay, Maine where he started his tennis career by organizing a varsity tennis program at Jay High School. An important part of his time after high school was spent attending the University of Maine at Farmington. He began teaching tennis in the summer of 1996 at The Balsams Grand Resort Hotel in Dixville Notch, New Hampshire for three summers. In the spring of 1998, Jason coached the Mt. Blue High School girl’s tennis team while he gave private and group lessons at the University of Maine at Farmington Health and Fitness Center. Jason is certified by the United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA) and has experience working with beginners to nationally ranked players. He is also a professional racquet stringer and can suggest the proper tension and type of string that is best suited to your game. Jason’s focus for players will be on skills, strategy, and the mental toughness necessary for match situations. (back to top)

NICHOLAS MCCOURT currently lives in Pittsfield.  He returned to Maine in November 2021.  He lived in North and South Carolina since 2005, where he completed his education with a college degree in Business in 2021.  Nick began his tennis career in 2005, when his family moved to Asheville, North Carolina.  His love for the game was immediate.  He played Junior tennis tournaments throughout the South.   He played tennis for Methodist University in North Carolina and was an Assistant Tennis Pro for the Plantation Club at Longcreek in South Carolina.